Lilly’s Light is a fun-filled and heartwarming family musical, starring Lilly, (Sherry Hursey, Home Improvement, Bring It On) a loving foster mom and keeper of an enchanted lighthouse. Using joy, love, laughter and song as her tools, Lilly shows everyone that “Life is Full of Possibilities!”

When two curious members of Lilly’s crew discover the Big Book of Little Adventures, in the lighthouse basement, the adventure begins. Messenger-pelican, Pel Mel, brings news that newly orphaned Daniel and his pot-bellied pig, Oink, need a home. Lilly enlists the help of Fisherman Fitz and foster kids, Max, Ashley and Katie Lynn to take Daniel on a musical journey discovering the secret of the lighthouse, which is illuminating the imaginary into magical adventure. Along the way, we meet bickering sisters Peaches (Mindy Sterling, Austin Powers, iCarly) and Dee (Philece Sampler, Stanley) handymen extraordinaire Will and Al Patchitt, wacky Professor Crabbe, talking pig Sir Oinks-A-Lot, the Wizard of Hog, (Fred Willard, Everybody Loves Raymond) and other zany characters.

As the adventure ends, our story returns us to present day in the lighthouse basement, several years later. We are reunited with slightly older familiar faces, introduced to a few new crew members, Charlie, Jacara and cousin Kenny Patchitt, and the next spark of light chapter begins.

Lilly’s Light is filled with original music, sparkling sets and strong message points to which children can relate. It also “shines a light” on the challenging issues facing foster children. It is an inspiring and uplifting adventure that will capture the hearts and minds of children and adults everywhere.